What is HempCap

What is HempCAP™?

Groundbreaking. Game-changing. Revolutionary. Words used too freely to describe new products. Just because they are new. They build hype, and invariably, breed cynicism. To the extent that they’ve lost all real meaning. So, when a truly innovative product surfaces, how do you cut through the hype and the superlatives? You let the product speak for itself. And that’s exactly what we’re going to do. Let us explain exactly what is HempCAP™, so you can make your own mind up whether it is truly groundbreaking, game-changing, and revolutionary.

Pure. Quality.

At Plantine our focus is product purity. From source to processing, every aspect is carefully considered, specifically chosen, and meticulously scrutinized to give the best end result.

We use sustainable fair farming techniques, gentle harvesting and drying methods, as well as the cleanest extraction standards in the world because they ensure we protect the planet, our bodies, and the quality of our products.

However, one product above all has proved to be a real breakthrough.

That is HempCAP™. Plantine’s flagship product.

But what is HempCAP™?

HempCAP™: Plantine’s Breakthrough Product

Imagine everything you ever wanted in a CBD product. Then imagine things you never thought possible. We call it HempCAP™. The product that redefines what is possible with CBD.

Our innovative processes, research and careful formulations have led us to this truly significant and major milestone for the Hemp and CBD industry. HempCAP™ is the most versatile water-soluble, full-spectrum, cannabinoid-rich powder currently available in the industry. It’s such a significant step forward for CBD products that we’ve had it trademarked and patent-protected.

Precisely what is HempCAP™, is a carefully guarded secret. However, here’s what makes it such an exciting and innovative product.

HempCAP™ is a genuinely full-spectrum, water-soluble, taste and aroma free CBD powder with proven high bio-availability. It’s not derived from isolates or chromatography. Rather it constitutes two simple, natural ingredients – hemp extract oil and vegetable protein.

And this has a tremendous impact on HempCAP’s applications and benefits.

HempCAP’s Uses, Applications and Benefits

Consisting of only two all-natural ingredients, HempCAP™ is a clean-label product, making it non-allergenic, highly beneficial, and extremely versatile.

As it lacks that singular and distinctive hemp taste and aroma, HempCAP™ is suitable for use in any type of food-grade production. Being a water-soluble powder makes it ideal for mixing, combining and creating a whole range of food products, such as beverages, protein powders, prepared meals, and supplements without compromising on taste or smell.

Effectively, HempCAP™ can be incorporated into any comestible product to give it an extra edge, adding all the benefits of CBD.

More importantly, HempCAP™ has a proven 92% bio-availability. This means it is more effective in delivering the benefits of any of the hemp plant-derived compounds, extracts and phytocannabinoids, compared to the delivery of standard cannabinoid-rich hemp oil alone. Even more impressively, HempCAP™ permits lower concentrations, or doses, of hemp oil to be used with higher efficiency and effectiveness, relative to current standard cannabinoid-rich hemp oils.

In short, lab tests show that HempCAP™ offers a 52-fold increase in bio-availability when compared to baseline products.

So, what is HempCAP™? It’s a truly industry-leading, highly bio-available, health-beneficial, cannabinoid-rich powder and natural protein source, fit for human consumption.

Groundbreaking. Game-changing. Revolutionary.

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