What is HempCAP™?

Groundbreaking. Game-changing. Revolutionary. Words used too freely to describe new products. Just because they are new. They build hype, and invariably, breed cynicism. To the extent that they’ve lost all real meaning. So, when a truly innovative product surfaces, how do you cut through the hype and the superlatives? You let the product speak for itself. And that’s exactly what we’re going to do. Let us explain exactly what is HempCAP™, so you can make your own mind up whether it is truly groundbreaking, game-changing, and revolutionary.

Pure. Quality.

At Plantine our focus is product purity. From source to processing, every aspect is carefully considered, specifically chosen, and meticulously scrutinized to give the best end result.

We use sustainable fair farming techniques, gentle harvesting and drying methods, as well as the cleanest extraction standards in the world because they ensure we protect the planet, our bodies, and the quality of our products.

However, one product above all has proved to be a real breakthrough.

That is HempCAP™. Plantine’s flagship product.

But what is HempCAP™?

HempCAP™: Plantine’s Breakthrough Product

Imagine everything you ever wanted in a CBD product. Then imagine things you never thought possible. We call it HempCAP™. The product that redefines what is possible with CBD.

Our innovative processes, research and careful formulations have led us to this truly significant and major milestone for the Hemp and CBD industry. HempCAP™ is the most versatile water-soluble, full-spectrum, cannabinoid-rich powder currently available in the industry. It’s such a significant step forward for CBD products that we’ve had it trademarked and patent-protected.

Precisely what is HempCAP™, is a carefully guarded secret. However, here’s what makes it such an exciting and innovative product.

HempCAP™ is a genuinely full-spectrum, water-soluble, taste and aroma free CBD powder with proven high bio-availability. It’s not derived from isolates or chromatography. Rather it constitutes two simple, natural ingredients – hemp extract oil and vegetable protein.

And this has a tremendous impact on HempCAP’s applications and benefits.

HempCAP’s Uses, Applications and Benefits

Consisting of only two all-natural ingredients, HempCAP™ is a clean-label product, making it non-allergenic, highly beneficial, and extremely versatile.

As it lacks that singular and distinctive hemp taste and aroma, HempCAP™ is suitable for use in any type of food-grade production. Being a water-soluble powder makes it ideal for mixing, combining and creating a whole range of food products, such as beverages, protein powders, prepared meals, and supplements without compromising on taste or smell.

Effectively, HempCAP™ can be incorporated into any comestible product to give it an extra edge, adding all the benefits of CBD.

More importantly, HempCAP™ has a proven 92% bio-availability. This means it is more effective in delivering the benefits of any of the hemp plant-derived compounds, extracts and phytocannabinoids, compared to the delivery of standard cannabinoid-rich hemp oil alone. Even more impressively, HempCAP™ permits lower concentrations, or doses, of hemp oil to be used with higher efficiency and effectiveness, relative to current standard cannabinoid-rich hemp oils.

In short, lab tests show that HempCAP™ offers a 52-fold increase in bio-availability when compared to baseline products.

So, what is HempCAP™? It’s a truly industry-leading, highly bio-available, health-beneficial, cannabinoid-rich powder and natural protein source, fit for human consumption.

Groundbreaking. Game-changing. Revolutionary.

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EIHA Pre-review of CBD by WHO with favorable results

Press release by The European Industrial Hemp Association (www.eiha.org)
Hürth, 17 January 2018

Pre-review of CBD by the World Health Organization (WHO) with favorable results – next step in May

Researchers, producers and consumers advocating for the commercialization of Cannabidiol (CBD) have crossed a second important hurdle as a preliminary
evaluation of the substance by the World Health Organization (WHO) in Geneva in November 2017 produced positive findings.

For the first time, CBD has been under pre-review by WHO as a potential psychotropic substance, with the risk WHO could propose restrictive control measures similar to those applying for THC. WHO’re expert’s recommendations eventually have to be voted by the UN Commission on Narcotic Drugs (CND).  “This round has ended up favorably, but the second part of the review of CBD will happen in May,” said Boris Baňas from The Hemp Cooperative (Slovakia) and board member at the
European Industrial Hemp Association (EIHA). EIHA joined the Foundation for Alternative Approaches to Addiction – Think & do tank (FAAAT) in drafting a joint statement of guidance ahead of the first part WHO evaluation. www.hemptoday.net/eiha-takes-cbd-statement-beforewho/
The next and final part of the review is expected to take place at WHO’s 40th Expert Committee on Drug Dependence (ECDD) meeting in May 2018.
EIHA lauded the work of independent WHO experts, that gave a green light to pure CBD in early November. They conclude that there is no justification for pure CBD to be included in the anti-drug treaties, and precise that there are no case reports of abuse or dependence relating to the use of CBD in its own right. As well, no public health problems (e.g. impaired driving) have been associated with the use of the CBD molecule. Further on, no evidence could be found that CBD as a substance is liable to similar abuse and similar ill-effects as substances scheduled under the 1961 or 1971 Conventions (including cannabis and THC). CBD products are being actively scientifically explored for a range of therapeutic applications and have demonstrated effectiveness in treating some forms of epilepsy. Beyond the pure CBD, WHO experts found that CBD-products are being manufactured for pharmaceutical purposes as extracts or tinctures of Cannabis, which are included in the 1961 Convention on Narcotic Drugs. They, therefore, recommended “that extracts or preparations containing almost exclusively CBD […] be subject to critical review” (ref:www.who.int/mason/entity/medicines/news/2017/letter-DG39thECDDrecommendations.pdf)
in May to potentially change the scope of its scheduling.

Present at the WHO meeting on CBD, 6 November 2017: In addition to Boris Baňas, EIHA was represented by associate member Hana Gabrielová (Hempoint, Czech Republic). FAAAT was represented by Kenzi Riboulet Zemouli, Farid Ghehiouèche, and Amy Case King. Other CBD proponents present were Michael Krawitz (Veterans for Medical Cannabis Access, USA), Raul Hector Elizalde Garza (Por Grace, Mexico), Dusan Nolimal and Tanja Bagar -2-
(International Institute for Cannabinoids, Slovenia) and Marie Nougier (International Drug Policy Consortium). The following companies supported a campaign backing the EIHA-FAAAT statement and advocacy effort before WHO: Bluebird Botanicals, Buddingtech, CannaWell, CBD life UK, CBD oils UK, CBDepot.eu, Deep Nature Project, Greenindustries.shop, Hemp and humanity, HempConsult GmbH, Hempflax, Hempire Ltd., Hempoint.cz, Hempura, MCU Botanicals, MeetHarmony, MH medical hemp GmbH. As well, the DC-based NGO StopTheDrugWar.org and the European coalition ENCOD endorsed the statement.
(see the full EIHA-FAAAT Joint Statement: www.eiha.org/document/joint-eiha-faaatcontribution-to-the-39th-ecdd-evaluation-of-cannabidiol/)

Contact: Boris Baňas boris.banas@eiha.org
Responsible under press legislation (V.i.S.d.P.):
Dipl.-Phys. Michael Carus (Managing Director)
European Industrial Hemp Association (EIHA)
Executive office: nova-Institut GmbH, Chemiepark Knapsack, Industriestrasse 300, DE50354
Huerth (Germany)
Internet: www.eiha.org
Email: info@eiha.org
Phone: +49 (0) 22 33-48 14 40
The European Industrial Hemp Association (EIHA) is a consortium of the hemp-processing industry. It represents the common interest of industrial hemp farmers and producers, both nationally and on a European level. EIHA is the only European consortium in the industrial hemp sector. This sector includes, amongst other things, the use of hemp fibers, shavings, seeds, and cannabinoids. Originally founded as an association for the European hemp industry, a quarter of the 130 EIHA members are based in countries outside the EU.

U.S. 2018 Farm Bill that would free hemp still not sure to be voted on by the Senate

The new U.S. 2018 Farm Bill that would free states to guide hemp programs – allowing them to expand – is reportedly “fast-tracked,” but proponents still can’t say if the measure will get consideration by the USA’s upper congressional body any time soon.

The office of Kentucky Senator Mitch McConnell, who recently introduced the bill, said this week it was unclear when – or even if – the Senate would vote on the measure.

While the Act bypassed the Senate’s committee process via a procedural move and is “on the Senate calendar,” it’s still not guaranteed to get a hearing, McConnell’s office noted.

Technically, the bill would allow hemp to be sold as an agricultural commodity, removing it from the federal drug list. U.S. states currently administer hemp cultivation under the thumb of federal authorities. The new Act would turn the programs fully over to the states.

Meanwhile U.S. President Donald Trump has said his administration will lift a crackdown on states that have legalized marijuana – enveloping hemp as well. Trump made that announcement following talks with hemp-state advocates, undercutting a January policy announcement by Attorney General Jeff Sessions that had eased federal enforcement of marijuana laws and giving federal prosecutors wide latitude to pursue criminal charges.

US Farm Bill

More hemp and cannabis related food products in Europe

Even though we at Plantine have unique proprietary full-spectrum and water-soluble products, masking both taste and aroma, while still being packed with phytocannabinoids and the rest of the goodness from the plant, we are naturally not alone when it comes to targeting the food market.

We are fortunate to see a rising trend in interest by food producers who wants infuse or add hemp constituents or extracts, to their existing portfolios. We at Plantine welcome such developments and we are ready to cater for this particular type of request, that typically focuses on the need to add the full spectrum from hemp, while still controlling taste and aroma in the final product. This can be hard with conventional hemp and cbd extracts, as they reveal their presence in any formula, with a strong taste and aroma, that for some, is undesirable.
This is naturally a reason to look into our portfolio of water-soluble full spectrum options, which eliminates all these downsides of conventional extracts, while keeping the benefits. Our options are naturally lightyears ahead of mere isolates, as they can hardly be compared or considered to be genuine food products or health food product, but rather a pharmaceutical or novel food.

Another company that has recently announced that it is entering the food market with a cannabis related beer and tonnic, is CLV Frontier Brands Pty Ltd, which is co-owned by companies like UK based Creso Pharma, Canadian TSX Venture Inc and LGC Capital.

In an article by HempToday.net it says:

CLV Frontier Brands Pty Ltd says it will begin marketing cannabis-flavored beers and tonics in Europe and Canada this summer, Creso Pharma, a partner in the three-way partnership, has announced.

The new drinks contain terpenes, which carry the aroma and flavor of cannabis without any accompanying THC or cannabinoids.

Creso, UK-based Baltic Beer Company Ltd. and Canadian TSX Venture incorporated LGC Capital are equal one-third partners in CLV.

‘Significant’ sales envisioned

“We see CLV as an exciting business partnership that we believe can add significant sales revenues to Creso Pharma over the coming years,” Dr. Miri Halperin Wernli, Co-Founder and CEO at Creso Pharma, said in a release.

Terpenes, which are derived from cannabis and other plants, have a range of applications in food, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and biotechnology. Those contained in the products under development by CLV are extracted from various plant sources, all of which are food-grade, 100% natural and non-GMO, according to Creso. The terpenes are introduced to beer at the post-fermentation stage in much the same manner as hop extracts are added.”